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  • The gas-block is autoclave
The gas-block is autoclave
  • The gas-block is autoclave
  • The gas-block is autoclave

The gas-block is autoclave

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Country of manufacture:Kazakhstan

We realize blocks wall not reinforced from cellular concrete of autoclave curing of any sizes for construction of walls and wall partitions, made at own plant located in the aul of Akmol.

For a small period from our autoclave gas-block the housing estates located on EXPO-2017 are constructed: Bazis-A - Expo Plaza, Triumphal, English quarter, EXPOlis Invest VM – Royal Expo Apartments, Altair SK-7 – Expo Towers, Shankhi Group, BI Group-Taun House, the Triumphal Arch, Global Bild, Arnau, Bee Viledzh Delyuks, Comfort Town, and also office and houses of construction companies Favourite Astana, Nur Astana Kurylys, the Capital the System HAN, Corporation Kulager, etc.

The plants making the similar gas-block deliver this material more expensively, the gas-block made by us in all respects better and conform to safety requirements (quality) established in GOST 31359-2007, GOST 31360-2007.

The corresponding certificate was issued 31.05.2016 of Firm Zhanabet LLP.

The plant on production of gas-concrete products of the 75000 m various sizes ³ in a year. Technical characteristic of a product: density is 520-650 kg/m ³, durability is 25-35 kgfs/cm ², heat conductivity of 0,13-0,145 Vt/mºC, frost resistance 75 - 100, couple permeability of 0,20-0,15 Mg / MchPA.

Country of manufacture:Kazakhstan
Weight: 1 g
Thermal conduction: 0,13-0,145 W / (m * °С)
Density: 520-650 kg/m³
Size: все размеры "
Information is up-to-date: 14.12.2017

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